The passionate red of the tilde in the logo stands for the essence of the brand. It is this spirit that is delivered through the touch of Gran Meliá's signature RedGlove Service. Each scene of the advertising campaign depicts a guest experiencing a moment of profound satisfaction. There may be other guests and/or staff with or around her, but the moment is all hers, and she is absolutely transformed by it.

In her moment, the guest feels exquisitely alive, beautiful, extravagant and special, because of that touch of RedGlove Service. On the page, she appears as she feels… as a celebration of herself, dressed and styled extravagantly, impeccably, all in red, with a pronounced Avant-Garde Flair.

“Its all about the way RedGlove Service makes you feel.”
Produced while at LGD Communications, Inc.
Additional Due Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Len Dugow
Creative Directors: Andy Hunt & Chris McCauley
Photography: Mateo Garcia

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