A walled enclave of 20 estate-sized homes designed in the contemporary vernacular of Tropical Modernism needed naming and branding. Taking our cue from the green focus of the project, LGD came up with Veridian Grove.
Looking beyond the architectural elevations and landscape plans, we discerned the developer’s true intent–Veridian Grove isn’t about the architecture or the landscape, it is about the architecture in the landscape.
We imagined Veridian Grove decades from now, and we zoomed in. Captured in a formal white border are glimpses of the contrasting geometries of the organic and ordered worlds. This is the dynamic tension that lies at the heart of Tropical Modernism, and Veridian Grove.
Brand Development
Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Produced while at LGD Communications, Inc.
Additional Due Credits:
Executive Creative Director: Len Dugow
Creative Director & Copywriter: Chris McCauley

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